Speed indicator guide

Thinking of creating a speed indicator guide which has take-off/ cruising/ landing speeds which can be accessible from pause screen for all aircraft. In concerns with weight, maybe a calculator within the guide that plugs in weight and answers with a speed suitable for the type of aircraft thats being flown with the weight that its barring.

It may be a good idea to have the guide in both on and offline as some people do not have access to Infinate flight live. I found that the logbook is only in the Live section and may suggest that it gets programmed to offline aswell.

In this guide Im thinking about having speeds in which you extend and retract flaps/ deploy spoilers/ deploy and retract landing gear/ rotate off runway etc.

Wold love to get some feed back!



Sound like a great idea good luck

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It will be a lot of work, hope you know that… :)

Good luck!


This does sound like a TREMENDOUS amount of work for all the aircraft on IF depending upon their weight, outside temperature, runway length etc.

Having said that, if implemented and done right, it would be wonderful.

It would save me from having to constantly flip through aircraft POH’s :)

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It wold be a big effort but would have a massive effect on people who are using IF.


Good luck :)

Wooohooo sounds good. 👌🏽 I like the idea.

Beautiful idea!