Speed increases - B777-200


Every time I descend in a B777-200 the speed goes up. It won‘t slow down with full flaps and flight spoilers. Anyone know what the problem is?

How steep were you descending? If you were descending too fast, even the flaps and spoilers wouldn’t slow you down.

Every aircraft slows down when I descend even if it is almost -3000. On B777-200 the speed goes up by -800 already

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B777 is known to be a very sleek beast. I have the exact same thing when I’m descending with the B777. The only fix I know (which) I do is to start my descent 10-20nm earlier then my planned TOD. This way I won’t need such a V/S when descending. You can also try descending with a much slower speed. (Lower as soon as you start your decent) Additionally, aircraft don’t tend to decent steeper then -2500. -1800 is good.


-3000ft/m is a barbarity, try to do -1500 most fo the times

Try to reduce speed before the descent and if you feel it necessary, turn flight spoilers also before the descent

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My flight spoilers are always in use

Ok thank you

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Make sure you slow down before descent and your descent rate is not to high


3000ft/m descent rate is completely normal especially in larger aircraft in real life operations. Even up to 4000ft/m. You won’t feel much at that descent rate with spoilers set to flight.

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Also make sure your spoilers are set to “Flight” and not “Armed”, as they won’t deploy until yo are on the ground otherwise!

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-3000ftm is very rarely used in widebody aircraft. 4000 is on the high side, and shouldn’t be used. Normal operations are typically from 600-2500.

Narrowbody such as A320, on the other hand, can typically decent up to 3000.

I tend to stick to -2000 in most aircraft, but in sleek aerodynamic ones like the B777 and A350 I use -1800

Not according to flight data.

Quick Google search should suffice mate. Save everyone’s time 😉

Been doing that for the last 5 minutes. Suggest you do some search apart from 1 source as you can get different numbers. You are correct, However your info is for narrowbody.

Excuse me? You are looking at climb rates. Seems you are confused.

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Wrong article, my bad. Will link the right one in a moment.

Yep, seems I got the same article as you did. However in this one it’s talking about the A320 family and narrowbody in general.

Ok I’ll try to find information specific to the 777. But I do believe you can exceed 3000fpm descent and that is completely normal.

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View “Descent (FL100 & below)” under performance data on this page.

And again, here’s the second source I linked the first time:
Target Speed-------Clean------Speedbrake

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Well said. If I’m not wrong from what I’ve read, the table includes the maximum decent rate per indicated speed and phases of flight.