Speed idle

I hit 30,000 feet and i was trying to put it on 50% and see where the red bar is and I was going to put the speed on 50 it goes down and I always have to put the speed to 60 and 70 can I have some help on what to do

Just use a/t so you don’t have to constantly adjust, (if that is what you mean)

What is a/t??

And yes that is so right

Auto throttle

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Where is that on there

Like press the speed and select what speed you want to maintain. The button that says SPD
And when you have pressed it select your wanted speed

And like I tried to take it of auto pilot and try to go higher and then I set it to that number and then I put it on 50 and the number went down slow

In this picture you are going m.87 if you want to keep that speed select m.87 on that button

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Ohhhh but idk what number to put it on

Here (green) you can see your current speed

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But I want to put the speed at 50 or 60% yk

50% of what? The throttle? Then you just take the throttle to 50%.

But the PWR speed do I use the moc speed on a curtain number and then I can put the PWR speed thing to 50%

No, you can’t automatically keep a speed (example Mach .87) and at the same time control the power/throttle. The autopilot/auto throttle will automatically adjust the power to keep Mach .87

So what speed do I put it on when I put it on auto pilot and it stays there what speed can I put it on

You can put any speed on the autopilot and it will try to keep it. If your aircraft is too heavy you may not be able to keep that speed at higher altitudes but it should easily be able to keep Mach .87 at 30000 feet

Yea that what I had it on I just didn’t know to put it on or off yk

Just press on the button and adjust it (same system as the other buttons there like altitude or heading)

Ok yea I see what you mean now thx