Speed glitch

Infinite flight, whats up with this glitch?

I don’t believe there is a glitch here if I’m reading your screenshot correctly. Your indicated airspeed is taking into account the 15kt headwind.

Take note that your Groundspeed is zero as wind isn’t factored into the rate of travel on the ground.


Were you moving in this picture?

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Minor thing, no need to make a topic about it.

@AlphaSeven I don’t agree here. This IF user simply posted an inquiry and this topic serves as knowledge gained perhaps. Let’s not discredit others as we all need some help here and there ;)


Yes, but does it affect him in any way? I don’t think so, that’s what I meant by no need to make a support thread. Sorry if I was rude :)

I think @Levet is merely saying that if you think there’s an issue, you should post. If people would only post stuff that are known issues, we wouldn’t discover the new ones.


That’s true. Sorry mate, I didn’t think of that. :)


When a stopped plane is upwind, the airspeed gives wind speed. Normal

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