Speed glitch on Solo

Operating system:
I say a few people have noticed but when flying solo with no winds I’ve noticed that the speeds mess up I’d be flying at FL370 for example and it just plummets up and then sometimes plummets down

I’m pretty sure you can edit the winds, or you may have put the slider in the wrong position

Do you have “auto throttle” engaged in the autopilot tab so your speed stays the same?

Yeah it’s all the same I’m doing a flight now I’ll get a pic when it happens

So I’ll be at MACH 0.77 and all of a sudden full throttle and overspread warning ⚠️ then it plummets down below speed like to MACH 0.69

Hmm… And you don’t have winds, correct?

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No winds at all

And what aircraft(s) is this occurring in?

So far a320 and 737

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Thats so odd. Could you please post a replay?

Ok here I got pics so when I go to the weather it does it.
Not changing any settings or nothing

Sorry the bottom pic should be first

You’re not changing the speed setting in the autopilot tab, correct?

Correct I’m changing nothing. If I go onto weather settings it happens. And I’m
Not changing anything on that either

OK. I’d try restarting the game.

I’ve done that before it’s happened yesterday to I’ll send a pic when it happens again

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Again and it goes down a few knots

It seems to happen if I pause the app
And the ground speed doesn’t match to it says 508 knots

That’s so odd. You are running on the latest version of Infinite Flight, right?

Yep the latest version

And again

the speed moves when you pause the game?

Your wind might be set to real life wind conditions. So that means that if there is a thunderstorm all of a sudden in real life, that’s what will happen in IF.

Yep that’s exactly what’s happening
And sometimes when i don’t pause the ground speed changes

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