Speed gets less without reason

I am not using the pro subscription and when i start flying from one airport to another everything is fine until i reach the part where infinite flight tells me that this region does not belong to my purchases. Then my speed gets less and i can not do anything against it. I try to pull the yoke to the front but then at some time I crash because of no hight
Can you help me?

The app will cut your throttle once you leave the boundary of the region you are in.

Option 1- You have to either avoid going too far past the boundaries or

Option 2- you have to try and turn back right away once your throttle is cut.

Option 1 is the safest bet.

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Option 3: invest in Pro to solve this issue! If you have any questions about it, feel free to PM me 🙂


I’ll just encourage you to take the plunge! I had this same problem. Was always looking for the flight sim and after purchasing my first month of pro, I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

It will seem iffy to some people because this is really a simulator and it takes work to get better.

But if you want a real flight sim, global access, spot on aircraft (and loads of em), try the first month out. If you’re serious about flight sim, you’ll never leave here after a pro sub!


I did this so much pre-global. Wicked screenshots from the endless water when I didn’t make it back

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