Speed for Jets below 10,000?

Hi I just wanna ask because I got ghosted by doing a low fly by at 400ft above McChord Airbase doing 900 knots so I wanted to ask what the speed limit is below 10,000 for jets because for all the years I’ve been playing this game I’ve always thought that there was no speed limit for jets wether your below 10,000 or above it so can anyone help me out ? I really wished I knew this because I’m actually looking forward to becoming an IFATC myself and now I gotta wait 1 year more to do try and apply and that’s really unfortunate for me because I’m going to the military soon and won’t have enough time to become an IFATC

It’s 250knots

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You shouldn’t be flying over an airport at 400ft period.


I was cleared for a touch and go and the IFATC said I could fly by on a low altitude when I dmed him

Hello, try reading this topic :-)

You were ghosted for doing excessive speeds in in ATC controlled area. There’s no appealing that one.

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You are correct in saying that there is no speed limit for fighter aircraft below 10,000 feet but doing 900kts at 400ft is a bit crazy to be honest, especially in a controlled airspace.

I recommend you take a look through this topic below by Tyler, as it might answer anymore questions that you have:


@Declan_O thank you for that I should be more active on the forum so I could’ve seen this topic :(

I was on the ramp when you did it…

A 1,000kt fly by with a barrel roll does not belong on the expert server. Read the server descriptions again if you’re unsure what the expectation is. We offer a server for the uncontrolled type of flying you were attempting.


No worries mate. People make mistakes and the important thing is that we learn from them.

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I did not barrel roll though I turned right after I flew by the runway just as the controller told me but I guess that don’t matter cuz now I have messed up… thanks anyways for the help guys I hope everyone out there who flies those jets won’t make the same mistake that I made and get reported that’s just really unfortunate and looks like I won’t be flying for awhile because all I really fly is on expert…sorry and thanks 🙏