Speed for Heavies below FL100

In the real world heavies such as a380s 747s and 777s do not have to follow the below FL100 you must be slower than 250knts. So why doesnt the game have it. It can be a struggle staying to slow such a gigantic aircraft like the a380 down from mach 0.88 to 250knts or below and on a decent. Just for realism purposes why don’t we remove the speed violations for heavies.

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Little too fast here, that might be your problem:) A380s should go about .84-.85! Also use your speed brakes!

Hope this helps.


I understand I only fly that fast if I am on time constraints but this is a simulator right. Then make it more realistic by doing this. Plus I do use speedbrakes.

Then maybe start descending at a lower V/S might help also


Certainly the 747 has an alleviation to the 250kts/FL100 restriction in the UK. But, only when it’s heavy as it can’t fly clean at 250kts, so usually on departure only.

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I am able to slow my aircraft but for simulation purposes and realism why not get rid of the speed constraints for the heavies or at least extend them to about 275knts or 300knts.

For realism they are not going to get rid of the 250 knots below 10,000 feet because that is a real rule. For simulator purposes you can fly on casual:)


It is a real rule for aircraft that are not classified as heavies. If you were to look this up and I have a friend who is a 777 pilot for AA and ge says that heavies are not limited to 250knts below 10,000. So again for simulation purposes.


I see what you’re talking about,but having no violations is what the casual server is for. When heavies are descending,they use speed brakes of course,and I know the pain of trying to land in time constraints,but it’s highly unrealistic in Infinite Flight to even think about Mach 0.88 below FL100.

During descent,you shouldn’t go directly from Mach 0.85 to 250 knots. You should gradually slow down,for example,per 1,000 feet you descend,slow down 10-15 knots. This should help you slow down speed in time to FL100.

The major benefit of the speed limit is for the ATC. At times the plane volume in the sim is nowhere near real life levels which can play havoc with ATC trying to handle the large number of planes. By everyone being below 250 it helps ATC out by not dealing with a 380 barreling into approach at 320 kts.


Where have you got this info from? That is not correct - they have to obide the same rules.


Long-haul flights (say about 5000 miles and up) out of any US airport typically request clearance for 270-280 kts just after departure, and it’s ordinarily approved.

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I do not think you all understand my point. I can slow my plane and I usually fly around mach 0.82 but in the real world a plane such as a a380 or 747 does not have to maintain below 250knts at ur below 10,000. I am not saying they just dont but it is to make life easier for the pilots. So if this is supposed to be a simulator then we can make it the best mobile simulator on the market by following real world rules and regulations.

@Aernout can you chime in on this mate ?


Yes they do, that’s my point :P

Big aircraft have no problem slowing down to “normal” speed, if they did - they would have a problem fitting into normal day-to-day traffic. The only commercial plane who didn’t have to follow that rule was the Concorde

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Regardless they still have that extra leg room to be able to fly a little bit faster. .

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Guys, remember, any aviation rule can be broken on the grounds of safety. In this particular case, he’s talking about the heavies which are really loaded down for long hauls. The clean safety speed will usually be above 250kts for them in that case. So that means they have to go faster than 250kts under 10,000 while climbing out and cleaned up.

Also, depending where you are in the world, ATC is permitted to authorize a speed higher than 250kts below 10,000 for reasons other than safety. A notable exception is the US, where it can only be granted for safety reasons.


Thankyou, you explained that much better than I could.

The speed limit is there in RL, even for heavies. If you have to fly above that speed you’ve to request for the „high speed“. This can by due to the weight of the aircraft

I decend in all hevies at 200IAS