Speed fluctuating

im mid flight with @SWA1997 my throttle is 100% and i step climbed my speed keeps going down how do i prevent this and my fpm is 1500

what’s your altitiude and your cruise speed and aircraft type

Use a lower fpm during, if not in a GA aircraft.

What aircraft are you in?

fl340 climbing to 360

We are using 777-300ER

im using the 777-300

what’s your cruise speed

whats GA? i know that as go around

General Aviation

No that’s an Aircraft category type General Aviation.

General Aviation. Go around is more well known with a bracket, ‘G/A’

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GA also stands for General Aviation

36 000 feet

what’s your speed also are you heavy?

What was your airspeed while step climbing?

I’m at Mach 0.80

Also, what’s your weight on the plane and your load currently?

530 ground 275 air

That’s really slow. Try M.84. Also, what’s your weight?

What’s your load percentage?