Speed control issue

Device: iPad
Operating system: IOS

When I change weather conditions during a fight and resume the flight, my speed goes into overspeed status. The speed control brings it down to where it is set, but obviously, this shouldn’t be happening. It has happened every time I make a weather change since the June update. I didn’t have this issue before that. Thanks.

Hello mate,

If there are massive tail winds, the you can overspeed which is why it is not recommended to fly at border line speeds to the maximum threshold.

I’m guessing u are flying in solo mode. Whenever u change weather during flight and set it up as high tail winds your speeds will shoot up. Similarly if u do high head winds your speeds will slow down.

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No mate. I barely fly in solo. I am talking about the Expert Server.

yes what you said is correct. Your GS will change

I was referring to what Bob said,

In live/online modes u can’t change weather conditions.

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oh yes im sorry.

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no worries mate :)

Thanks. I always fly solo on an iPad and never set wind because I don’t know how to compensate for it (I’m not a trained pilot obviously 😁). Anyway, I’ll live it; no big deal, but it just seems like it shouldn’t happen. As I said the post, it didn’t happen before the June update.

Thanks again.


Hi, since you’re getting an overspeed by changing weather, but you say you never set the wind, then it must be temperature you are changing?

Lowering temperature immediately increases your airspeed (though at that moment, your GS is unchanged obviously). So if you are close enough to the IAS limit, and you suddenly lower the temperature enough, you can easily go into overspeed.

But, as you said, the speed control will go to work immediately to bring the IAS back down again (so your IAS will go back to your autopilot setting; but your new GS will be less in the more dense cold air).

So the reason why this is normal, is because IAS is pressure equivalent speed (which depends on temp), not the actual speed of the air which would be TAS (true airspeed).

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Thanks again. I never change temperature either. The only things I change are visibility and clouds (altitude and density). The technical dynamics of flying are over my head. My flight simulation is very basic and would be boring to most users. I appreciate your replies. I’ll just not change weather conditions mid flight.


The temperature slider is right above the cloud layer slider (or cloud density as you referred to it).

It’s highly likely you accidently touched the temperature slider and it suddenly lowered the temperature to the position accidently touched (I’ve done this myself). This would completely explain what you described. (Visibility and clouds won’t otherwise affect airspeed).

Thanks. I never set wind speed because I don’t know how to compensate for winds. I usually fly 20-30 kts below max speed.

As far as during most of your flight (when you are clear of the ground for landing and take-off) you don’t have to compensate for the winds:

Your airspeed is the same whether you have a 50kt tail wind or not.

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