Speed Card for Dash-8

I found this card that can be useful if you like to fly with Dash 8.


WHere did you find this? Are there cards for other aircraft too?


I think he got it from here:

It’s a Q400 add on for FSX.

Other charts for the aircraft can be found here:



Is this the same “calculator” that you have? @Mats_Edvin_Aaro

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[PDF] mjc8 q400 takeoff speeds card - Majestic Software
https://majesticsoftware.com › docs › Spe…

I do not have it if I find more I post here :)

There is a simple one on the left side of the cabin in the Dash-8. It is good to look at before you land to know what speed you can have different flaps at. I use it all the time.


No, what I have is a calculator. :)

@Mavic those are flap limitation speeds, not speed references. :P You should land considerably slower than what is on that plate

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That’s what I do, at least 5 knots slower than it says.👍

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