Speed brakes

Did you try nosing up to slow down?

Are you using autopilot for speed?

If so I would recommend controlling the speed manually through VS/throttle/air brakes/flaps roughly in that order depending on altitude.

I usually add 10-20 nm onto my decent distance on top of the usual distance online decent calculators recommend anyway. (Sometimes you will need to add more depending on your flight plan. Keep in mind the altitude you want to be in NM from the airfield/glide slope not necessarily the distance your flight plan is telling you. By this I mean if you start decent based on your Dist to Dest in the toolbar, this number uses your flight path. So if your flight path isn’t straight into the airport it could be adding a lot miles therefore throwing off your calculations!)

Also, setting trim during decent should help, try not to make huge adjustments. I tend to go 1% either way until the purple bar disappears.

Hope this helps!

how heavy were you?
i know from experience that the 777s (at least the B772) has a rather hard time slowing down if it’s light. (i.e. you just flew one of those really short regional hops operated by a 777)

yeah it was very light, I was flying regionally

@Tyler_Barley. MaxSez: We All know the 777 is a Dog! Updates are coming but in this situation you had an out. It’s tell the expediter you were “UNABLE” and request “A DEPARTURE to direction) or go “MISSED” & Depart the Approach Path vectoring to a point beyond the outer circle, Re-Setup. Never accept a Re-Enter on a “Missed”.
You need time to compose yourself and establish a new Approach setup.

You as the Pilot in Command (PIC) and not some Radar Dink in his dark room are the “Decision Maker.”

You failed to recognize your predicament the first time you attempted to correct your speed. the decision point , with some rinkydink un -Orthodox corrective and payed for it. Bad JuJu…


(PS: Pls Disregard all previous comment they have no relations to your situation or aircraft performance. We all know the 777 is a Flying bullet and needs a rework.)


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