Speed brakes

Thank you yeah I agree, the only issue is approach was pushing me to descend faster, they told me to expedite my descent.

In that case, I think it may be easier if you start your descent a bit earlier.

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Okay thank you when would you recommend to start? I started it 140 nautical miles out

What altitude were you cruising at?

FL340. I started off with The Descent rate of 1600 ft per minute and then eventually dropped it further to 2000

I am afraid the physics for the 777 doesn’t need fixing, it is very accurate. The 777 will go down or slow down, but it won’t do both. Liberal use of speed brakes is required during the descent. It is an issue which has been discussed on here a few times.


Hmm thats weird maybe on the othrr platforms I have used them on have been inaccurate

But again take in consideration we dont have rolling speed breaks so maybe thats a different thing you know :)

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Sorry to hear that . But thank god they are reworking the 777 family so it would fix most the problems regarding the physics.

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did u put the spoilers on flight mode?? just asking maybe it slipped to armed

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Spoilers ;)


I thought the same thing but no they were on flight thank you though

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I have this problem with an A350… When i set a specific speed for autopilot to follow; i noticed that the autopilot would push some thrust before it reached the required speed… It’s extremely slippery that you need to add up to 20NM to you TOD in order to slow down… I stop flying it due to speed uncontrollability (for me at least)… B777 would be the same but with slightly less effect… My protocol is to try slowing down early after the initiation of descent… During descent; try to put Mach .78 as if it was an A320 cruising, so below FL280 you would end up with 290 knots which you can control further easier… IRL there’s a point on the ND called deceleration point (DECEL) where the aircraft would start pitching up to reduce the speed…

Might want to put this one in #support

No, because support is for issues with the actual application itself. The OP was/ is having an issue with slowing down an aircraft.

Oh, ok. filler

Did you try nosing up to slow down?

Are you using autopilot for speed?

If so I would recommend controlling the speed manually through VS/throttle/air brakes/flaps roughly in that order depending on altitude.

I usually add 10-20 nm onto my decent distance on top of the usual distance online decent calculators recommend anyway. (Sometimes you will need to add more depending on your flight plan. Keep in mind the altitude you want to be in NM from the airfield/glide slope not necessarily the distance your flight plan is telling you. By this I mean if you start decent based on your Dist to Dest in the toolbar, this number uses your flight path. So if your flight path isn’t straight into the airport it could be adding a lot miles therefore throwing off your calculations!)

Also, setting trim during decent should help, try not to make huge adjustments. I tend to go 1% either way until the purple bar disappears.

Hope this helps!

how heavy were you?
i know from experience that the 777s (at least the B772) has a rather hard time slowing down if it’s light. (i.e. you just flew one of those really short regional hops operated by a 777)

yeah it was very light, I was flying regionally