Speed bouncing/takeoff problems


Tonight when I was taking off with MD-11 in KJFK, basically right after the nose wheel rotate plane moved drastically left, I didn’t catch quite much speed (engines were 98-100%) and speed was bouncing a lot (like between 220-260 kts). All this stopped after some veery light take-off with 1800VS. Same thing happened to me also today at KJFK when I was landing with A320. Some explanation from the winds (if so, what can I do to avoid this) or simply just a glitch?

Pure wind related. Apply some rudder while taking off and that should help.

Think of it this way, the wind is hitting your tail causing your nose to move in the opposite direction.

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Also as you reach the speed in which you rotate that’s when the winds really start to affect you so correct it quickly but carefully with the rudder and you should be fine.

Wind related or consider take-off speeds.
If the plane is eager to fly and you’re pinning it down to the ground you can expect it to be jumping around.

For wind : rudder-correction.
For the take-off speed : Less Flaps/Rotate Earlier(or just add weight)

Thanks for the replies! At KJFK wind was over 20kts so I think that was the reason then. So, more solo-training with the winds!

Yes. After re-reading the post and hearing that information, it is due to wind.

Always be sure to check wind-direction and be prepared to compensate :)

Yes definitely, take a look at the tutorials aswell to help you. Practice makes perfect :)


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I would also apply less thrust on takeoff in windier conditions. The wind is going to blow you forward, which will cause you to go faster.

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It’s not a glitch your just a little over your landing speed…you have to slow down and just befor touchdown stall the plane so it will touchdown

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