Speed at Your Discretion Under 10,000

I’m a newbie so be patient please…was flying from KSAN to KLAX at 13,000 at about 340 KIAS. Contacted SoCal approach and they immediately issued a descend to 1500’ and new heading. Seeing as how I’ve racked up a couple speed violations under 10,000’ I figured I’d turn to the heading start slowing down but not break 10,000’ until I was under 250 KIAS. ATC came back and issued a maintain speed at your discretion order. Did I do it right or does that mean it was ok to be above 250KIAS below 10,000’ during descent? Thanks.

No. You can never be above 250 under 10000.

Speed at your descretion means going at your own reasonable speed while applying the 250kts or less under 10k.

Just remember you should be way below 290kts below 20000 ft, not 340kts. It’s just a good idea to remember


Got it and thanks for the info!

Who knows when you’ll hear this on the training server (where any command can pop up at any time), but generally this command is used when tower or radar has placed some stricture on your speed previously. If, for example, you were in a hold (which have speed limits based on altitude) or were asked to speed up or slow down, this is simply letting you know that that particular stricture has been removed.

All the rules and SOPs are still in place. If you were told slowest practical on final, your discretion should still be a speed appropriate for final, not 249 KIAS.


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