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I just started using the app again and boy do I miss flying. Anyway, before I stopped playing two years ago, there was a speed restriction in place at under 10k feet of 250 kts and over at 350kts. I see planes constantly going 450+ Kts that are regular airliners. Do I have a bug or are they just breaking the rules?

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450 knots is ground speed but it’s shown to everyone like that 🙂


The speed limits are the same except for fighter jets. What you see is probably ground speed which is much higher than airspeed. The limits are in airspeed. Not a bug😉

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Also, there are now no speed restrictions over 10k feet except for the airliner’s own limits

The restriction for fighters has been removed. What you are seeing is ground speed which will typically be more than what the airspeed is. Each plane has it’s own limits on speed. Most are around 350 kts but smaller planes like the TBM are much lower. The speed restriction is also altitude specific meaning 350 at 18k may be fine but 350 at FL350 may be overspeeding.

The restriction for non-fighters under 10,000 is still under 250kts airspeed.


Each plane has its own max speed though illustrated by the red lines on the HUD in addition to what has already been said.

Thank you everyone! Are there any known planes other than fighters that I can go faster than 350 KIAS at any altitude? I was hoping to go from KPHL to KMIA in “real time”.

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You’ll be able to do that trip in real time no problem. I’d recommend a 787 or 747 if you’re looking for high Mach numbers in a commercial. Even though those aircraft are not exactly the most realistic for that route. You can give the Citation X a go - but it is a bit more out of date compared to the other two above. You’ll have no problem staying under the 350kt limit at .88 around proper flight levels.

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You’ll find the topic below useful which explains some of the numbers that will be displayed on your screen for other aircraft.

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Very, very helpful. Thank you.

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