Speed after rotation

How long do you guys hold V2+15 after departure? What would be the most realistic length of holdings that speed before increasing the speed?

Thanks in advance

Normally until I reach 1000-2000ft AGL

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Believe it’s 1,500 feet above the ground before you dial back take off power, lower the nose, start accelerating and reduce flaps.

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In most cases, it should be at 1500ft agl. This is where you would “bug up” meaning lower the nose to increase airspeed, to start retracting flaps. Sometimes, it will be 3000ft. Just try and find out if it is a “NADP1” or “NADP2”. NADP1 is 1500ft, NADP2 is 3000ft. It’s for noise. You should be able to find it on the chart for the SID. Hope that helps.

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