Speed adjustment commands

I have concerns about how some controllers have you maintain speeds well above 250 below 10000. I can expect this from an inexperienced controller but on the expert server? My question is if he tells me to descend to 8000 feet and to maintain 270, how can you avoid a violation. I know as the pilot you have to make decisions yourself but when you are doing your best to do as your told to avoid ghosting. I got a violation for following ATC instructions. Do you go against ATC in this situation?

I see this has already been addressed. Sorry

Always be under 250 under 10k. Most Likley, this controller told you to maintain 270 while you were over 10k, then either forgot to issue a new command, or just assumed you would be under 250 while under 10k. If you have an issue with a controller you can always pm them.


My mistake. I should have paid attention. Was just curious.

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Well,if you are in that situation,take a screenshot and pm the controller,ask explanation. We all know that under 10000ft the max speed is 250kts.are you sure this happened in the expert server?abd always be sure to check the difference btw AGL and MSL

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Regardless of any speed command, when you hit 10,000 feet it is your responsibility to reduce to 250kts or below, if you are given 270 above then maintain that speed but when we give the instruction to descend below 10,000ft that is almost looked at as an automatic speed request to 250kt or below.

Sorry to hear about the violation, that’s a bummer.

Happy landings!