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Hello All, Looking to reach a member of the development team. I am getting ready to give a small tech brief about infinite flight and I know that you all have worked with the USAF with virtual reality training with the UPT 2.5 syllabus. If I could get some better insight on this that would be awesome. I can verify my credentials if need be.

Cheers and happy flying!


That’s very cool!

Don’t have any answer for this but I think the best person to ask is either @ Laura or @ jasonrosewell

Try sending a Dm or it they see my tag(hopefully I don’t get in trouble or people saying Don’t @ them they are always busy) they reply to the topic.

Hopefully that helps and Thank you for keeping our Skies safe in America!

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That’s why I tossed the idea out hoping they would see it rather than tagging or sending them a dm. Hopefully this works!

Thank you kindly!

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