Speech (ATC) in Fire 8 HD


I’m playing IF in a Fire Tablet 8HD 7th edition. After installing Google Play Store (workaround from internet) it goes fine but a have only one issue. The text to speech (ATC) goes via the Amazon text to speech engine, which isn’t obviously supported by IF. Installation google text to speech alone does not solve the problem. Probably because i have to redirect all text output to Google text to speach. But how? Any suggestions? Hast someone solved this issue?

Arpad from Germany

I don’t have a Fire, but I can tell you this:
Since IF isn’t officially supported on Amazon devices anymore, there might be issues from using IF on these devices. There might not be any official way to fix the issue (unless someone else with a Fire figured out how).
But someone else with a Fire might be able to give you some advice. We’ll see.

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