Speculation: Cuba! Next Region?

Same here…They’re stressing me out!

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You’re right my friend.Personally am not in a hurry… Not just yet …at least am gonna be patient for this year.I wouldn’t mind having it sometime end year

I would personally prefer that they phased in regions until it is complete rather than turning all on at once. Something like a serialized magazine where each month a new edition comes out ;)


This is going to take a lot of time IMO…how many regions do you think they’ll have to put in the game to make a complete global map?

We need a Russia region 😉


100+ regions to be complete I would guess 9374 airports

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Woah!you mean even Africa Middle east and Asia are almost completely done?!!!and I mean including taxiways and 2d terminals @Kilt_McHaggis

No lol, just a joke. That country’s HUGE!

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Is Argentina included?

Standard 2D airports are generically available via a global share. Most of these areports are rudimentary which means you can fly to them but they would have no/few spawn points and the graphics would be very basic but yes these “could” be used. Generating the navigational structure to fly to these becomes more interesting.

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Example of my home country, Scotland


Ahhhhh, if the price goes up for live I’m gunna call it quits, I paid for the game and my live+, but I’m just a student and I don’t earn enough money to live on forget global flight

I cannot answer any of these questions. I know that there are a LOT of airports. I know that the world is a BIG place with many airways. I know that as a community the more we work together the quicker it will happen. I see no reason why it should not be included in the yearly membership fee we are already paying. Just think of how far as a community we have come and what the future brings. Enjoy :)

Remember that behind the scenes there are many,many people offering their free time to help enable this journey!


So can we say "possible progress on global flights :p

Not “possible” but actual progression. We are working diligently on cleaning up old airports, and some new airports in the hope that they will be used in the future. As I have always iterated, we do not know anything about what the future actually holds. Have we reworked any out of region airports. The answer is yes. One day all will be revealed to both us and yourselves. Keep the faith!

If the price goes up on live, they likely would lose customers so it really is pointless.

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They would never increase prices over $50 for live+ or live and anything else over $5

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