Speculation Category

We should have a speculation category on the community, so that we all aren’t flooded with global topics. It would clean up the forum.


Or I could just close those topics since speculation is pointless and misleading since we have no idea what’s going to happen.


At this point there are speculation topics about speculation topics XD.


Also, said category would present info from reliable sources, and would fuel interesting talk about what could happen lol.

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I like this!

Could we please! :D


Wouldn’t the category be abused?


abused or not abused…you can turn that cat off and never see another global spec topic 😍


I honestly would love to see this. There aren’t enough categories in my opinion. I see many patterns arising in threads posted in general that can easily, easily become its own category.

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It would indeed solve many issues. Those that want to speculate have a place where they’re free to do so without encroaching on others’ forum experience that wish to not read such material. I see a big perk in the mods’ favor, in not having to be closing topics constantly. If people want to talk about future releases they’re going to do so. Close the thread and more will come. This isn’t a message of disobedience or taunt, to me it’s a fact that I think we all see.


Or perhaps we could have a category where people just think, hope and pray about what’s to come and what they need in their lives but just keep it in their heads. Just speculating, but I’m thinking that wold save a lot of space on the forum.

@zbelle agreed

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Of all the category ideas, this one is by far the worst. No, no and no.


Or you figure out a group of users with like interests and start a PM together. When you hit 200 replies you open PM 2.0

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It’s 500 replies. Get your facts straight 😜.

Okay 500 replies, now my facts are straight to the Panda’s requirements.

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Haha. I was joking 😂.

I know, but I still picture a panda whenever I see you post. Can’t help it.

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Damn Carson with the roast and then like😥. OK in all seriousness this wouldn’t end up being used in the right way. Without a complete understanding of what’s going to happen that category would be useless. When it comes to speculating on updates in IF, no one not even the devs know exactly what’s going to come with the update. An example is the addition of the c130. We all know global is our next update but no one knew that the c130 would be coming near or either global. Events like this make it impossible to really know whats going to happen. Although that wasnt a bad idea of urs, there isn’t the best of use for it

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