Spectating at the gates

So basically I just have a question; is it frowned upon to spawn in a gate and not leave?

since the release of terminals I’ve spawned in and stayed at the gate cold and dark for a few hours or even most the day at a few airports now. Mostly to spectate others but also testing to see the length of how long one could stay spawned without losing connection. Am I being a bad pilot by taking up a gate or does the community not care much as long as there’s plenty of gates to choose from?

Thanks for your opinions!


Not at all! The beauty of this simulator is that it is so versatile in the fact that the user can make the best experience for themselves.

Coming from an IFATC controller’s POV, you are not causo any issue sitting at the gate, and we can continue to do what we do without any interference.

Fun fact, sometimes Laura, CEO of Infinite Flight, will sit at a gate for hours or even days on end to test something.

Hope this helps


I saw the famous in’n out you placed at KLAX and it brought up the thought. If you have the building maybe you could add a “spotter category” and spawn their. Nevertheless it is unrealistic and may be out of the way. Just a suggestion

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Maybe a good thing to add to #features?

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Haven’t unlocked the category yet

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Ah. I see. You’ll be there soon!

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cool :)

I did this the other month actually - spawned at a maintenance hanger and stayed there overnight, then asked for taxi to parking and went to the terminal for a bit before doing a quick flight. Lots of fun and it gives other pilots a cool experience at the airport, especially if you’re parked at other areas that are seldom used (maintenance, remote gates, etc). Enhances the realism in my opinion

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