Spectacular South Africa | A Cape Town Fly-Out

We are almost 2 weeks out!

Event bump!

We are 12 days out!

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The even is creeping closer, make sure to sign up soon!

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We are officially 1 week out!

Event promotion, any new signups?

Can I have Ethiopian to HAAB on B77L?

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can I change to this please

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This on Turkish airlines A359 to IST, thanks!

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There’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be able to make it.

I actually won’t be able to make it

You will be at gate B11 :D


I’ll take this one!

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I just returned to IF and I’m back to level 1 😭. I don’t have the time to do 50+ touch and go’s and 40 hrs+ to get to level 3

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How did you get back to level 1 so fast?!

Nevermind you were gone 2 years makes sense lol

Lack of flying

Now departed for Cape Town from Addis Ababa😎🥳🛫
See you all down there!

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You know this is a flyout not flyin

I’m doing both!
Update: app crashed