Spectacular South Africa | A Cape Town Fly-Out

Welcome to Cape Town! A stunning city that is home to nearly 4.7 Million People, and the Capital of South Africa. From Table Mountain to beaches with penguins, Cape Town has it all. Let’s all venture to The Mother City and enjoy Cape Town as a community!

Server: Expert

Airport(s) : Cape Town International Airport (CPT / FACT)

Date + Time : 2023-10-21T16:00:00Z2023-10-21T18:00:00Z

Terminal A
Gate Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
A03 FACT-OMDB Emirates A359 9:35
A04 FACT-HAAB Ethiopian A359 6:25 @anon87523340
A05 FACT-EHAM KLM B77W 11:40 @Ryan_15
A06 FACT-KATL Delta A359 16:40
A07 FACT-KIAD United B789 15:50
A08 FACT-FAOR British Airways B738 Comair 2:40 @YC-International
A09 FACT-FBMN South African B738 2:40
A10 FACT-HKJK Kenya Airways B738 5:40
A11 FACT-FNLU TAAG Angola B737 4:00
A12 FACT-FLLI Kenya Airways B738 2:50
A13 FACT-FALE Mango B738 3:00 @Diskid
A14 FACT-FVRG Kulula B738 3:00 @Harrison_S
A15 FACT-FVFA Kenya Airways E190 1:50
A16 FACT-FALA Mango B738 1:45

Terminal C
Gate Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
C01 FACT-FAGG SA Express CRJ2 0:55 @crj
C02 FACT-FABL SA Express CRJ7 1:35
C03 FACT-FAPG SA Express DH8D 1:15 @United403
C04 FACT-FQMA SA Express CRJ7 2:20
C05 FACT-FANS South African B738 2:25

Remote Stands
Gate Route Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
B01 Qatari Virtual
B02 Qatari Virtual
B03 Qatari Virtual
B04 Qatari Virtual
B05 FACT-OTHH Qatari Virtual B77W 9:45 @SeanAviation
B06 Qatari Virtual
B07 Qatari Virtual
B08 Qatari Virtual
B09 FACT-HTDA Private BC35 5:25 @Mort
B10 FACT-LFTM Turkish A359 11:15 @Turkish182
B11 FACT-HAAB Ethiopian A359 6:30 @tjb0709

Cape Town Frequencies
Frequency Operator
ATIS @Jay003
Ground @Jay003
Tower @Jay003

Cape Town Center
Frequency Operator

  • It is recommended that you spawn in 15-20 minutes prior to the event

  • This event is on the Expert server, please act accordingly

  • Please follow all of the given ATC Instructions, and use Traffic accordingly if there is no controller

  • Remember, I am not responsible for any violations issued

  • You can also select your own route at the Remote Stands

Thanks to @QatariVirtual for Sponsoring This Event!


Thanks for checking this out, and enjoy the event!


Let’s get some signups going!

Looks awesome, make sure to add the event box though, by ‘creating the event’

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He just did


This please 😝

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This one’s calling me yk

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This but in the a350

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this please

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Could I take the Challenger 350 up to Dar es Salaam (HTDA) please?

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The event is approaching quickly! Make sure to reserve your wanted gate because they are filling up.

Hey could I take this one with the 777 (QRV122)
Thanks :)

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You have been signed up! :D

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Are there any new signups?

24 Days until the event! I personally cannot wait!

I can take these

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Thank you so much for controlling the frequencies!

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This please!

Of course! I can’t wait to see you at the event!

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We are 20 days out, make sure to sign up!

To everyone attending the event, the event will end at 2:00 pm Eastern as opposed to 4:00 pm EST. Make sure to validate your attendance!