Spectacular Condensation Fog At Zurich Airport

Credits: ZurichAirportSpotter
Shared by me 'cause I just love the condensation.

Condensation + Airplanes = Awesomeness


The condensation on SG’s A380 looks magnificent!

@Tosin_Salisu True

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That looks absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing!

On a side note, the Spotting category is only for pictures and video you took yourself. This should go in just #real-world-aviation.

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Switzerland is a spectacular country…

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@Cessna_Driver Sure mate. And I’ll stick to #real-world-aviation next time onwards! Glad you liked it!

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@Flying-Switzerland I haven’t been there myself but watching this and few other videos and some pics I think it’s amazing too. Glad you liked it!

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It’s like free washday for all aircraft and what else… It’s for free!!

And expensive ;)


Haha! Sure is… Heard of their banks!

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