Spectacular 4-hour flight to the Himalayas on board the Boeing 757

'Sup guys, here I’m sharing screenshots of my flight from Kai Tak airport to Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport today. This flight used the Boeing 757(which is now retired in Nepal Airlines fleet). In my opinion, VNKT is the best airport addition in 22.4 so far, other than WADD(over national pride hehe), especially due to it’s gorgeous surroundings, realistic procedures, and my favourite part, the live radar. The scenery at departure is gorgeous, but nothing compares to Himalayan scenery on arrival. Enjoy my pics

Flight:Royal Nepal Airlines flight RA410
Departure:Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport(HKG/VHHH)
Arrival:Kathmandu Tribhuvan Airport(KTM/VNKT)
Flight time:3 hours 55 minutes
Aircraft:9N-ACA - Boeing 757-2F8 named “Karnali”(retired 2016 sadly). This was the first 757 for Royal Nepal Airlines(later Nepal Airlines), the second is a combi(757-2F8M), which is possibly the most interesting 757

Stationery sat Kai Tak

Liftoff!!, what a powerful bird she is

City of Hong Kong

the HKIA with Lantau Island

after some parts of fairly uninteresting scenery

entering The Himalayas

Spectacular innit?

turning towards the final at VNKT

Short final at KTM/VNKT(with radar behind it :P)

Taxiing at VNKT

Parked at VNKT

Love this flight. Vintage, with gorgeous aircraft and scenery, plus a greatly rendered arrival and departure airport. See you again soon, and have a nice day :D


Lovely shot!

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The 757 is also a great aircraft besides I was flying with it a lot

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It indeed is