Specify Server on Events Title

Hello, I had an idea thanks to a user that was complaining about the few Training Server events: Don’t you think it would be helpful to specify the Server in the title format? Example:

[Casual] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII
[Training] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII
[Expert] - 15JAN21 / 0600Z - Lion in the air @ WIII

I think that can help the Grade 1 / 2 users when looking for an event without having to open each thread to check the server. :) What do you think?


I’m like this idea

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Could work, knowing it’s ever so slightly more efficient than just clicking and briefly scrolling, saving a whopping few seconds.


This is a great idea, as someone who hosts Airshow events several times a year I constantly get comments asking what server the event will be on even though it is mentioned in the details section. Having it defined in the title would really help clarify it!

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But at the same time the search engine of the forum is garbage because if you don’t exactly type what you are looking for, it won’t show

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It does sound like a great idea as said above! But i’d think it’d be too long which is the same reason why using the amount of attendees in the title or sponsors are against the rules now.


I’d prefer tags for the server personally, that way you could actually filter out the posts. This would make the title too busy.


That’s even better. Like #live:events:expert

Especially when you have slow internet. Love the idea!

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Good idea 👍

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Working on it!