Specify "General" Better

The description for #general may confuse some people:

“Topics that don’t need a category or don’t fit into any other existing category”

I believe it should be changed to:

“Topics that don’t need or fit into any category. Must be Infinite Flight related”

…to prevent further confusion.

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  • No
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Good point.


This would help clear up a lot of confusion definitely.

Yes. General is not for off-topic posts.


You literally just made the description more vague. If you can’t grasp the concept of general, maybe it shouldn’t be posted at all? Or ask @Henrik, he’ll tell you what category to stick it in.


And yet the one we have now is clearly not getting the pint across

@Patrick_U Carson supports you at lease.

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I guess this would make it more clear cut but it’s really obvious this is what the category is. The General portion is incredibly straightforward and the related to Infinite Flight part is implied since this is a forum for Infinite Flight, not Pokemon Go or some other topic.

So it can be changed, but it won’t mean much anyway/make a difference at all because all the info is already in the category’s existing description.

Anyone who is not bright enough to comprehend what “General” and imply that this place is for Infinite Flight only shouldn’t bother posting anyway…

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