Specifics during flying

I have a few questions about ATC. I sometimes control on PG, and fly in Advanced, and I want to know a few things.

Why not go 101 degrees east? Or 102 degrees? Or 99 degrees?

Why not clear three planes at once to takeoff, one plane will takeoff, then another two planes will have common sense to takeoff avoiding the first plane.

Let’s discuss other questions people have about small manipulated changes in ATC instructions.

It’s not possible at the moment for the APP to even give you any of those headings. Every heading in the option is always in tens.

Because some people clearly have no common sense


I meant why can’t the pilot go those headings, not the ATC to give the heading out. I know the ATC can’t give out 101 degrees.

Just to tell you, I’ve cleared multiple people for a takeoff on PG, and they always listened. Well, almost always.

I don’t think the ATC will be able to note a slight variation in the heading (especially if it isn’t the standard 0, 90, 180 and 270) so what makes you think that you can’t fly that heading? It’s just a little deviation…

Not every pilot on PG is the same. You cannot use your “successful control experience” to advocate for an “Clear everyone for takeoff and they’ll know how to separate themselves” idea, you have to think outside the box.

To keep it safe I always try to fly at the exact heading and I would suggest others do the same, but I’m sure most ATC’s wouldn’t mind you being about 1-2 degrees off, it’s difficult to be that precise when you don’t have autopilot, if you are going too far left or right for them they should inform you by giving you a “please follow ATC instructions” or by repeating the command. But when it comes down to it, I’m sure their not going to sit down and measure your course with a protractor.


Well, I don’t even clear them for takeoff sometimes, they just takeoff themselves .-.

We know the things about lining up, it’s annoying sometimes but it’s necessary. You could get a plane to line up and wait while the other plane is taking off to help speed up the process!

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Which is the standard procedure for a line-up.

Don’t clear 3 planes for takeoff (realism?!)


For relatively obvious reasons, real life ATC don’t do that. Real life ATCs still have to account for wake turbulences mind you, so be patient!


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You sure ah? I do this for VATC you don’t kpkb me ah LOL

I said IRL ATC not like 5 people on a teamspeak 3 server right 😂

We only have 3 sia… But if we really do take into account the wake turbulence, expect delays xD

Answering the topic’s question, no, clearing 3 at one go is not gonna make it faster. In fact, it’ll make it slower, cos all the confusion and everything that arises from it would cost even more time and frustration.

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It makes things faster when the nimrods really takeoff together LOL

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I think there’s that please request for take-off when first in line and Remember common sense is not common to all


The auto pilot can Just have heading 98???

I mean for the APP controller’s commands

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Common sense is not something I’d associate with any server below advanced. Runway incursion - being on the runway when you shouldn’t be - is already rife. In real world ATC they would only clear one plane at a time I think.

Referring to your first question, that is a good question. I was once vectored to turn to heading (eg) 110 degrees. My flightplan and the ILS told me that if I turned to 120 degrees, I would intercept the runway perfectly and I would be precisely in line. So i thought, “ah cmon this would be perfect and the sky is clear so it’s not like he’s trying to get me out of the way of other traffic” so I turned an extra 10 degrees and it did literally look perfectly aligned…

“N916NV Heavy please follow instructions!”

Ytho? Anyway, I was vectored 10 degrees off the centre of the runway line, and then just before telling me to change frequency, he tried to send me back in line, and missed it again…

Why you shouldn’t listen to the ATC, why should you fly one degree more to the left. WHY?