Specification changing of how to display Operations?

Operations is also displayed on those who are not IFATC(Observer). Will anyone be able to see it? Or… bug?

What…Sorry, but this makes no sense. Please offer clarity. Reading between the lines, my understanding is that ‘ops’ are only shown for those within the IFATC ranks.

Ops are only Calculated for IFATC…

If you are not in IFATC you will be unable to view your operations. If you are interested in becoming part of the IFATC team, you would need to contact a recruiter.

Follow the instructions on this thread carefully if IFATC is something you wish to pursue:

I’m pretty sure ATC supervisors can track your ops but you are unable to.

DC is right. Ops are counted as an observer, but not shown. They are only shown when you become an IFATC member.