Specific Time According to Zulu

I think you shouldn’t have the option to control the time of day on servers, only of Solo Flight. The time of day would be according to the Zulu time. For example: Sunrise could start like 06:00 Zulu Time then Noon Time like at 10:00 and then between 18:00 and 19:00 the Sunset would start and then Night Time. I would like to have that so everyone has the same time and there is no confusion for when you have strobe lights on. Any Thoughts??


Well, sometimes, people want a Sunrise landing in the morning, or a night landing in broad daylight, but good idea!

Also have you tried to see other traffic at night? Would make GA flying VFR almost impossible, and for those people who are quite behind Zulu would mean they wouldn’t be able to fly what aircraft they wanted.

I agree, the vision would be bad… but they can add strong lights for you to see at least 3 kilometers and you have the radar so I guess you can kind of fly. Depends also if you are an average pilot or a good one.

When airport lights and stuff are added, this could maybe be a setting. I think it should be by local time of where you are. That way when it’s noon in California (and that’s where you are flying), it’s not the sunset setting because of GMT time. It should go off local time of where you are flying.

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