Specific STAR Request For ATC

Hey, IFC!

This feature request is to allow Radar controllers (Approach, Departure, Center) to tell an aircraft to amend their flight plan to include a specific STAR.

Now, you might say, “But we already have a command that tells aircraft to add an ATC preferred STAR!” This is true, however, pilots often add STARs that don’t make sense for their current position and often, it can be hard to get them to add the STAR you want.

The command could say “Callsign, please amend your flight plan to include the CLASH2 Arrival.” Additionally, we could request that the pilot include specific transitions on those STARs.
For example, the command would say “Callsign, please amend your flight plan to include the CLASH2 Arrival, with the OATHE and Runway 35R transitions.”

These commands would lighten the workload of radar controllers during peak traffic periods.

Let me know if you have any feedback/suggestions, and if you agree that this should be added to Infinite Flight, leave a vote!

I like the request! I’m out of votes, but nice idea!

This has happened to me on VATSIM before 😂



I really want this to be added! Come on, let’s vote!

Shifted a vote for this. I think it’d be helpful from a communication standpoint if ATC could direct planes to specific STARs that they want.


I’m going to find a vote for this as I definitely think it’s needed.

What if ATC could vector aircraft directly to the initial fix of a displayed procedure on their map to assign that specific STAR to them? It would be something like how holds currently are; drag over the fix and tap “Assign Procedure”.


Let me look through my votes immediately! This would be a great addition.

out of votes but a good idea

I like that! Can you tell me what the command would read out so I can add it to the original post?

I like your original idea. “B-LUE, please amend your flight plan to include the PIRAT2 arrival.”


This is now featured on IFATCEG. Hopefully it will bring more attention to the feature request!


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