Specific Replay Not Loading

Device: iPad 5th gen
Infinite Flight Version: current

Every time I try to open a specific replay the app either crashes or gets stuck on Loading at 86%. And this is a very important replay. Other replays load fine.

Steps Taken To Attempt to Resolve Issue:

  • App restart
  • Device restart

During this flight I had a Global Server issue, could that have played a role in this at all?

Another replay I’m trying to load that had a global server issue in it is stuck at 99%.

I had this issues a few days ago as well. The replay before and after loaded ok but the one I wanted got stuck at 34% every time

How long is the flight in the replay? Is it longer than the others?

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One is 13 minutes (The one that’s stuck at 86) the other is over 6 hours

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And you shouldn’t reinstall because then, you’d lose the replay.

What do you mean? Flights that I’ve had a global issue in aren’t the ones loading.

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Oh, sorry I misread it.

I’m not sure if it could’ve affected it.

@schyllberg When you see this can you help? I have no clue lol.

@Cooper There’s no need to tag staff in #support. They will see them.

@RTG113 so you have an active live sub, yes?
Can you export the one that is giving you trouble and see if others can import it?

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Ok, sorry!

I do have an active live sub. How would I export a replay though? Through share my infinite flight?

Or share → Email and send it to anyone. Like me.

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Continuing separately.