Specific Gate Assignment

Hello IFC. I am here to suggest a feature I wanted for a long time. ATC or pilots being able to request a specific gate on an active frequency.

Example 1: Tarom 392 vacated runway 08R, contacting ground.

1: Tarom 392, requesting taxi to Gate 115

2: Tarom 392, taxi to Gate 115

  1. Taxiing to Gate 115, Tarom 392.


ATC can also assign specific gates to aircraft!

Example 2:

Aegean 962 vacates Runway 08L and contacts ground.

4: Aegean 962, request taxi to parking. (default message for infinite flight)

5: Aegean 962, taxi to Gate 101.

6: Taxiing to Gate 101, Aegean 962.


Feel free to vote if you like my suggestion.

Good day/evening.

  • Captain POGGERS!

I would love this!! Voted for.

Just a tip, always vote for your own feature request!


I believe Laura has worked on this already but I don’t think it’ll come out any time soon, would love to see it also :)


Yes, a great feature I wanted for a long time, hope they add it

You got my vote.

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Thank you for the support! ❤️

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What if you don’t know where the gate is? Would there be like a ground route on the map?

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Then maybe a map should pop up click on a gate and assign it to the specific aircraft should be easy not hard


It looks nice! I personally won’t like it much since ATC might be unaware of what terminal an airline uses and just assigns me to a gate I don’t want. Probably why they said gate at your discretion. I still support though!


I agree. Maybe this feature should be only for the Expert Server to prevent that. This also attracts more players to play since they want that feature and they start to learn and put effort and more players because they want on Expert.

So not only this feature helps ground navigation by a lot, it may help attract more players too!


Sorry I made like 2 edits on that comment I realized many stuff. Not editing on that comment anymore

I don’t really like this for a few reasons.

  • It doesn’t allow pilots to choose what gates they want. For example, if you’re super realistic like me and use real-world gates, having ATC assign a gate to you ruins it.

  • What if a plane spawns at the gate you’re instructed to taxi to?

  • This will just add another load onto IFATC controllers on already a hard task.


Well, super-duper-realistically, you wouldn’t be recreating another flight, you would be flying a completely new one.

Maybe consider gate as taken once assigned?

Yeah, well, if ground frequency is taken by a separate controller I assume it will be fine.


Great idea @pog_3r it makes the game more realistic instead of ATC telling you to park at any gate


I use real-world flights using FlightAware.com. Having someone assign me an unrealistic gate would make me angry.


So what happens when the gate you’re going for is taken? You rage?


Most likely True


I usually just wait and if it takes too long then park next to it most likely.

That’s not how it works


It works for me.