Specific Flight Plan Altitudes

Currently, Infinite Flight has the ability to file real-world departure, arrival, and approach procedures. Most of these procedures have set altitudes that are also imported into the flight plan, which are taken from the real-world charts.

There are two issues with the current system though:

  1. The altitudes are unclear with whether you need to be above, below, or crossing at the listed altitude.

  2. If the chart has a range of altitudes (23000ft - 27000ft), the simulator will choose the upper bound of the two, which could lead to steep decent rates with the plan after that.

A solution to the first issue is for the simulator to include “<“ and “>” in the altitude section of the flight plan for any altitude that doesn’t cross exactly at the specified altitude.

This will make it easier to follow the SID or STAR as pilots won’t ned to guess what they need to do. They could always check the chart, but in most cases, charts are not public domain.

For the second issue, The simulator could take the average of the altitudes and include that in the flight plan or it could put both altitudes in the flight plan formatted like this (> 23000, < 27000). This would be marked in red where the pilot would need to pick a specific latitude before proceeding with the flight.

With these optimizations, it will be easier to follow realism and limit steep descent rates between fixes

Yes yes yes yes yes…

Did I say yes?

Anything to improve realism…


For sure. I just did a flight with Adam and completely botched the SID from not knowing what needed to be done. It was at an airport that didn’t have public domain charts either


SimBrief altitudes never work either…literally the other day it decided to try and have me descend 5000ft in 1 minute…yeah no thanks…

Definitely! We have the luxury of having built-in SID/STAR in the flight sim. But with these unclear altitudes it sometimes is a bit of ‘whatever’. All good until you get -3000fpm on your arrival, just by following your STAR… It has become a habit of always checking STAR for these annoying altitudes. But this shouldn’t be the case. Great request!

Simple, but very much needed. Voted

I’ve never had a problem with Simbrief. Did you file a STAR ?

Yes I did - I rarely ever have problems with it either - its just sometimes the altitudes are a bit ambitious…

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