Specific Approach Types in ATIS

Specific Approach Types in ATIS

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As many of you know, there are only select options that a controller can select in the ATIS on Expert Server. These include, but are not limited to, runways in use, recommend SIDs and STARs, etc. While most of these options are sufficient, there is something essential missing—specific approach types.

Let me explain.

Approach Types in a Real ATIS

In the real world, when a specific approach is in use, at least in the U.S., this information will be conveyed in the ATIS. For instance, the Stadium Visual at Newark.

If you’re from the New York area, specifically New Jersey, you’ve most likely heard of the Stadium Visual at Newark Airport (EWR/KEWR). If you haven’t, I’ve outlined the essential aspects of this approach.

The Stadium Visual, by definition, is a visual procedure. It is, however, guided by an RNP. The approach is usually used when winds exceed the maximum requirements for Runway 22L arrivals. However, as of early June 2021, when Runway 4R/22L’s rehabilitation began, Runway 29 became an essential part of Newark’s operations. As of late, however, even after Runway 4R/22L’s restoration, Runway 29 has become a vital part of daily operations due to its increased efficiency in airport operations.

If the Stadium Visual is active, the PENNS TWO (PENNS2), PHLBO THREE (PHLBO3), SHAFF SEVEN (SHAFF7), and/or WILLIAMSPORT THREE (FQM3) STARs will be in use. Regardless of the STAR, the PHLBO Fix is the merge point (the only exception is if an aircraft is coming in on the SHAFF7). Once aircraft reach this Fix, they will be vectored right, heading 060°, and transferred to EWR Final Approach (125.500). A right turn to 060° will point an aircraft towards the ZENNS Fix. Once nearing ZENNS, usually around the FIGON Fix, ATC will issue a right turn, heading 100°. This is followed by a right turn, heading 120° to PATRN, and a right turn, heading 160° to the TEB VOR (or GIMEE Fix). At this point, the aircraft will be issued a heading of 220° and handed off to EWR Tower (118.300).

After the airport is reported to be in sight, the pilots are expected to cross the TEB VOR at 3,000 feet and turn right, heading 220° to GIMEE. If an aircraft were vectored and cleared at the GIMEE Fix, the aircraft would turn left, heading 190° to the SLIMR Fix. Aircraft must be at 2,500 by GIMEE.

Once established at GIMEE, regardless of where the IAP (Initial Approach Point) was, aircraft are expected to descend and maintain 1,500 feet until the SLIMR Fix. Upon reaching SLIMR, aircraft are expected to turn right, heading 240° towards the CHUMR Fix. Depending on the aircraft and its landing configuration, the aircraft should be making the final turn to Runway 29 at ~1,000 feet. Final checks are performed, and the aircraft will land.

Well, that’s the Stadium Visual in a nutshell. Now let’s get to how this could be implemented in Infinite Flight.

How Would This Work?

This part is a bit harder to explain, unfortunately. I’ll do my best, though! After all, it is my feature request. 😆

For those who are unfamiliar with what the ATIS selection menu looks like in Infinite Flight, here it is:

As you can see, there is no option to select a specific approach type to include.

What this could look like, though, is the following:

Evident in the image above are the available approaches that can be selected. For instance, the I22L (Runway 22L ILS) and the H29-Y (Runway 29 Stadium Visual) approaches.


While some may think this would be a useless addition, which is fine, it could make a world of difference for those who like to control with realistic procedures and ensure that all pilots follow the same approach before they even call inbound. I, for example, mirror EWR’s operations whenever I control the New York airspace. The same goes for Ground and Tower.

The End :)

Thank you for making it this far! If you are on board with this, please drop a vote or a reply. Enjoy your day/night!

The second image was photoshopped and made by me for the sole purpose of this topic. Please avoid using the image elsewhere to avoid inaccurate or misleading information. Explicit permission from Tyler_Shelton was granted to use and edit the ATIS menu. Additionally, a special thanks to @Marina for encouraging me to make such a topic.

Oh yea this is a must-have for controllers!


This would be sick. The airport I fly out of doesn’t even say the runways in use, but just the approaches in use, as shown below.

“Visual approach 12R in use”

Even though 12L, 12R are in use for all aircraft, that’s literally all they say. Very realistic request!


Yoo!! This will be a nice addition! Realism check

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I take full credit for the topic. Haha just kidding. Lovely job Zachary

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I like it! But, to me, it’s just a little too specific, especially given we’re not only in the US. If I were to suggest anything, it’d be for the addition to the types of approaches (that being the Visual, ILS or R-VNAV/GPS), rather than the specific approaches. That way we get the both worlds.

Allowing for pilots to choose a type within the preferred/expected approach. Rather than a specific approach. Makes things easier for both the pilot and controller, and a lot more welcoming for the pilot.


That’s completely understandable! Unfortunately, I had to base my topic around the U.S. as that’s what I know—it would be wrong of me to create something that I don’t understand, like international procedures.

That said, you make an extremely valid point, and perhaps a more general option stating which approach type is required, VIS, GPS, or ILS, but not an actual approach would be better. There are quite a few ways that my proposal could be implemented if it were to be, so I’m all for ideas!

Thank you all for sharing your feedback!

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Bringing this up again because I’d love to see it within the sim!

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Voted! Well needed for SFO especially. I like the idea!

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I would love to see this in the game! You have my vote :).

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Love the idea. Voted!

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This topic seems NEAT! Support this topic as this is realistic and would give much more sense to replicate a live flight/approach through IF.

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Looking at this from an operational standpoint, I fully support this feature. For the most part, heeding the requests of pilots who fly in the airspace of controllers is a fun task, but this isn’t always the case when it comes to big events such as Flash Flights or when there is some event that overwhelms an airport.

Being able to enforce the approach type being used would make things a great deal easier during mass events, and for those who are looking to boost their realism factor, this is yet another way to do it. I know for a fact that I will be making full use of it if presented with the opportunity.


This really should be added, especially in airports like SFO! Bump

More votes y’all!




Topic bump! Still think that this would be a good idea, especially at airports like SFO where visual approaches are usually preferred over ILS!

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