Specific aircraft in IF (exact registries) that you have taken in the real world

Greetings everyone! This will be my first post here in the community forum. Since its introduction to iOS back in 2012, IF has expanded rapidly its fleet of aircraft, and airline liveries. Anyone here who has taken an aircraft in the real world that is also in IF with the exact aircraft registries? Photos and info are welcome.

  1. Philippine Airlines 744 (RP-C7471/N751PR)

  2. Etihad Airways 777-300ER (A6-ETA)
    MNL-AUH, AUH-MNL (New livery though)


Air Tran 737-700 and 717
Emirates A388

Delta A319, Delta 717, Delta 757-200, Delta 767-300, American Airlines 737-800, United Express CRJ 200, United A320, and AirTran 717

Jetstar A320, Qantas 717, Qantas 767, Qantas A380, Qantas 747.

Qatar airways 777-300ER

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There’s a catch gentlemen: it must be the EXACT REGISTRY as to what is in the sim. There are only two SPECIFIC aircraft (yes RP-C7471 and A6-ETA) in IF that I have taken. Happy Flying!

I don’t remember the regs. This was a few years ago before I was an avid Avgeek

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The jetBlue A320, possibly the AirTran 737 and 717.

The Hawaiian 767

Never mind. Apologies!

This is if you’ve flown on them

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A321 US Airways: not exact registry.
737-900 Delta: Not exact registry

And more that I don’t remember

Boeing 777 United Airlines - Boeing 737-800 & 500 Southwest - Embraer ERJ-190 JetBlue - Cessna 172 - Cirrus SR22 GTS Livery 3 - Airbus A320 JetBlue

Never been on a plane, we can’t afford it :(


Don’t worry mate! One day you will!

I’ve only ever been on a Monarch A320, Monarch A321 (x2), Ryanair 737-800, First Choice A320 (x3) and First Choice 757-200. None of which are in IF.

Additional: On aircraft within the sim: Easyjet A320 (standard wingtip fence), Etihad A340-600 (standard livery), Cebu Pacific A319 (four times)