Specific Air Range

One for the developers of this great game: Is it possible to include specific air range (‘SAR’, air nautical miles per kg/lb of fuel, so TAS/fuel flow) as one of the parameters that can be selected on the bottom ribbon, and/or specific ground range? I can calculate specific ground range (SGR) with the fuel burn and the groundspeed but as there is no TAS indicated anywhere that I can see, I can’t calculate SAR. I know it’s just a game but I always like to find the most efficient altitudes so keep a bit of a spreadsheet as a flight goes along its flight plan.

try using simbrief - it’s completely free and works great for me! if you’d like to know more I could write a whole paragraph on how it works

Thanks Chase but I don’t really see how that is relevant to adding a parameter (SAR) to the game. All good though… I have checked it out. Looks interesting.

that’s why i thought it was relevant 😁

Ah! Gotcha… Nice one…

I can’t find a feature request for this specific idea, so feel free to make a topic in #features with your idea.

He’s only TL1

Ah my bad, sorry

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