Specials on top of specials @KORD

Welcome to yet another spotting topic of mine. These photos were taken between March 8th and today. I hope you enjoy!

First up is a typical Emirates 777-300ER coming from the land of the rich (Dubai)

Next up, a TUI 787 carrying vaccines to Chicago. We never get TUI flights, but now, we get them pretty often

Next up is American Airlines’ Reno Air heritage livery coming from…uh…good question

American’s biggest rival at O’Hare, United, is the only airline to bring MAX jets here as of now

A daily SAS flight here in between (peep the tire smoke)

United’s eco skies 737-800(?) also visited us in the past 11 days

Asians Cargo’s 747-400F is next, and they decided to flare at a very high AoA for very long. I’m certainly not complaining though

The first plane from today that I spotted was a Qatar 777-200LR, coming in as a passenger flight, but with very little of them, if any

Next up, an almost daily visitor here, the BB-8 777-300ER from ANA. It has exclusively flown between Tokyo and Chicago for quite some time now. I can’t complain though

After some time, I’ve finally joined the cool kids club and spotted the blueprint E190 of JetBlue

I hope you enjoyed this topic with quite a lot of specials. Until next time!



Amazing photos (as usual), Marcel! The Eco Skies aircraft was in Newark today. She flew EWR-TPA, TPA-ORD, and now ORD-SAN. I’ll see her in EWR on Sunday if I go spotting.

-900ER 😉


Eh. Close enough. Have fun spotting it!

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Thank you! If all goes well, I’ll see a UA B39M, AA B38M, UA Eco Skies B739, LY B789, and a few more cool birds. I hope to post a topic, lol.


Evo Blue livery + 737 Max = A happy me!


Wow, been a while since we have seen one of those now that A35Ks usually fly the route, cool to see!

Lovely pictures, never can go wrong up at KORD!


This was QR723, the morning arrival. That’s always a 777, whether that be a -200LR or a -300ER, it’s one of the two

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I’ve always seen 77Ws, maybe that’s just me though

The last 4 were 77Ls

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Great, that means I have missed them all of those times 😂

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It’s not easy waking up at 8am, so I don’t blame you

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bump hehe

Nice pics! I also think keeping the nose up rather long after landing is interesting. I think its called aerodynamic braking. Its pretty neat actually:)

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Nice pictures of unique and varied liveries and aircrafts. Thanks for sharing!

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Yup, DFW also gets their 200LR 3x weekly at 8 am (no spotting it rip)

Great shots tho


Greats catch 😜

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That Jetblue looks so good!:)) great photos!

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