Specials Liveries in Vegas (07/04/20)

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my newest spotting topic. On the Fourth of July, my family and I went out to KLAS for some spotting, and I got some awesome shots! In the comments, let me know what you think.

Some shots may be a little grainy, and that is because they were quite a ways away.

Southwest Airlines B737 (N918WN)
Illinois One Special Livery

Southwest Airlines B738 (N8613K)
Canyon Blue Livery

Southwest Airlines B738 (N856IZ)
Heart Livery

Southwest Airlines B737 (N922WN)
Tennessee One Special Livery
(My favorite shot of the day!)

Southwest Airlines B737 (N/A)
Maryland One Special Livery

American Airlines A321 (N/A)
New Livery (duh)

Delta Airlines A320/19 (N/A)
New Livery (duh)

Southwest Airlines B738 (N7380A)
Heart Livery
(Ending it off with a nice artistic shot)

Which was your favorite?

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And @Robertine, I saved the best picture just for you.

Let me know what you think, and have a great day!


I knew I had seen Illinois One recently. Today in fact… here. 😂


Nice! I love how intricate the design of it is. 😍

Amazing photos! I love that Tennessee One shot.

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Nice to see that Tennessee got split scimitars. I caught it back at LAX a couple months ago.

Great photos!


Ooh! Why do liverys look so much better in the US! Haha. Great pictures :)

Those photos are gorgeous! Well done.

nice - next time tag me if there’s a CB - I have a list lol

reg is N214WN

Was that with your IPad spotting? 😬

Great shots!

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Wow! Amazing photos! I saw Tennessee One 2 weeks ago at KBUF

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