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American Airlines’ heritage liveries are very spectacular to see, no questions asked. Seeing them in real life reinforces this idea. Today, the PSA livery A319 was in town on a flight to Dallas. Some of these photos are close-ups due to the lack of adequate areas to take photos in the airport. Here’s some more information about the aircraft and the flight:

Registration 📋: N742PS
Aircraft 🛫: Airbus A319-112 (19.9 years old)
Route 📍➖📍: New Orleans - Dallas Fort Worth
Gate 💳: B12
Time ⏰: 9:45 AM CDT

All photos are slightly edited.

Thanks for viewing these photos. Please note that they are not free to use, so please ask for my permission before using them.


That’s awesome! Once I saw a stars and bars United A320 at MSY.

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Awesome! I also saw it here back in 2015 but I don’t think I grabbed a photo. It’s nice to see a special livery down here, something out of the ordinary is nice.

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I saw that aircraft a few years back. Great shots!

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