Special Visitor in Houston! | Spotting in IAH

I should have taken a pic, but didn’t. Alaska’s More to Love plane was in SFO. And I got to fly on it.

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The inside is pretty cool. Totally forgot about taking a pic though.

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Currently i’m using a Canon T5.

Onto your next point, shooting in RAW is always the best way to go. In JPG, the photo is already finalized in its properties while in RAW the camera doesn’t make those final editing choices in the file, making it easier to fix the picture.

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Really really nice pics I’m awed

It’s generally whatever is available in the fleet. You guys have a 772 to DEN a few times a week also. Not every day.

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Nice photos, although the first photo was a bit dark, giving the plane a very metallic look. (Similar to AA’s bare metal livery.) Still good job.

Also 10 photos per topic. Rule for all Spotting Topics.

make that 12 <3

Those are some really good shots. As I would love to plane spot at IAH sometime. Traffic from 45 and 59 are not good to me as I’m on the south side by KHOU lol. It’s good spotting those beautiful SWA 737’s though !

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