Special Visitor in Houston! | Spotting in IAH

Special Visitor in Houston! Spotting at KIAH on August 19th, 2018

Hello, and welcome to one of my many spotting topics. I have been very slow with editing, and I hope to re-edit some of my 33L/R pictures soon as they are just REALLY bad… Anyways, I wanted to edit these first so you can see some new and fresh content. Some of the highlights include the China Airlines A350, the More to Love livery, and the double 787 departure.

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I will be posting the rest of the photos on instagram over the next few weeks.

The Pictures

The casual bi-polar Houston weather shot.

More to Love landing…

More to Love departing…

United Dreamliner to LAX

ANOTHER 787 dreamliner to LAX.

Middle eastern heavy to Doha (Qatar 77L)

The president of Taiwan visited Houston in this A350. Houston does not regularly receive the China Airlines A350, so this was special to us. We do, however, have a direct flight to TPE with an EVA 777-300ER.

Singapore A350 zooming off to Manchester

Very nice lighting with this 737-800

Yes, badish quality but considering it was pitch black, handheld 1/10 shutter, I would call this a decent shot with the circumstances.

Love this one with the natural gradient sky…

hope you enjoyed! @matt737 was also there and he probs has better pics than me bc he recently got an 80D!!! congrats to matt!!!

but jacob this HAS 11 PICTURES!. ok


Beautiful photos as always

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@George will luv that singapore 350 shot


Both 787s are a 789 and it looks like it was a mechanical sub from the 739/73M9 or it could (less likely) be a unscheduled upgrade to due to operational considerations in LA. Very interesting catch.

The 787-9s that IAH gets are only used for the IAH-SYD routes. We aren’t exactly sure how the 2nd 787 got here or why it was sent.

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They also have daily 789 flights to/from LAX and an occasional 788/9 to DEN. I believe the 789s fly SFO-SYD-IAH, IAH-SYD-LAX, LAX-SYD-SFO.

The 787-9 does LAX-IAH-SYD-IAH-LAX. We stopped recieveing the 787-9 from San Francisco a few months ago and the 787-8 from Denver stopped over a year ago.


Thanks for letting me know! I don’t really follow IAH that much anymore. I actually checked the schedule again and it looks like the 789s that do SYD-IAH either come from SFO or IAH.

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Stunning quality! Love the UAL 787 shots 👌

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The first aircraft, N38955 flew LAX-SYD-IAH-LAX as scheduled. The 737 MAX 9 flight was not in the schedule that day and was presumably replaced with a one off 789 in the schedule departing earlier. That aircraft was N13954 and flew SFO-SYD-LAX-IAH-LAX as scheduled.


Those are some amazing pictures! Great pictures man.

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These are some great captures!! Keep up the great work!!

Awesome shots once again, especially the Singapore A350 😍👍

Keep up the good work, Jacob!


Great pictures as always, Jacob!

Great collection of pan shots! You guys are lucky to have multiple A350s flying there!

We get a 787-9 from SFO again, daily at 6:47pm. UA1615. In a few days it’ll be a 777, then go back to a 787-9 two days later.

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Also, great job with Emirates lol. My shots were absolute trash. Hopefully I can get some better shots tonight!

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We only have 1 A350 flying here regularly

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Ok sorry. Lol I have none except for IAD, but IAD is still quite far away for me.

Awesome pictures! Can’t wait to see more.

Wait…I’ve always thought you had an 80D or something like that. What are you shooting with?

Also, if I’m not going to invest in Lightroom, is shooting in RAW worth the extra file size if I’m just going to throw on a quick edit with Photos or Snapseed?