Special thanks to IFATC

Hello Community I will like to give a special thanks to
IFATC guys

there is a lot of Central American and South American users in this community and whenever there is a ATC on this area we’d really like to enjoy it a lot and you are going to be able to see it on the picture

thank you guys I hope you guys keep coming down here more frequently💪


Wait, this isn’t another ghosting topic. Wooooohooooo! Thanks for thanking us for our service.


I’m sure the IFATC schedule will visit South America more frequently than before now, especially with the HD Scenery.

Man let me tell you it was like nothing compared to what I was feeling when I went in MROC and so that Airport completely full…
it made me so happy to see the airport where I live completely full then I did not know if I wanted to flight or just sit at the cage and see all the activity🤣


We are happy to provide that service to you.

I’ll be the first to admit that I never flew anywhere in this region before this week. I always stopped at Cancun and have really enjoyed flying/controlling in the area. Just today, I was able to open in Aruba and Trinidad and Tobago which offered very cool island airports.

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It’s been a pleasure :)


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