Special Sunday Spotting @ Bonaire (TNCB)

Hello everyone! Yesterday I went spotting at TNCB (Bonaire) and there was a special Skyteam KLM 777 arriving here for the first time!

I hope you like my pictures!

Touching down!

A picture of the 777 in the background and a “Yuana Largu” which means mega crocodile in Papiamentu. (if you speak papiamentu you can probably get a good laugh from this 😆😆😆)

No topic of mine is complete without a picture of the front!

Which one did you like the most?
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I hope you liked my photos!


Did anyone get the Yuana Largu joke?


n o.

Very nice pictures

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Se se saludos di Curaçao ✌🏽

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