Special spotting day @KCLT

Hey IFC!

Today was the first official flight of the A359 from Munich EDDM. This route has been operated by Lufthansa for over 15 years. All the avgeeks of Charlotte were here to spot except that the A359 didn’t land on the spotting runway 36C. Regardless of that matter, I still got some great shots. Enjoy!

AA B738 Retro Livery

I have never seen this retro and it looked really nice on this AA B738. One of the first birds I spotted taking off on Runway 36C. This retro is the Reno Air livery(Never heard of this airline till I googled it). Apparently AA bought them out in 1999

AA A321 with A359 on base

AA A321 departing 36C with the soon to be finished new control tower. The tower will be the second tallest in use in the U.S. The LH A359 is on base in the background.

UA B738 (Split scimitars)

Caught a beautiful UA B738 with those split scimitars 🔥. Really like this pic as the bg enhances it a lot.

AA A333 departing for Frankfurt

Caught a nice one of the A333 heavy for EDDF just in the air. The Delta B712 awaits his permission to cross 36C. I saw like 3 delta 712s and 3 md88s today somehow. I guess all the flights from MSP, DTW, and ATL happened to arrive at the same time or something. These A333s ended up becoming the highlights tbh lol

AA A333 for PHL departing.

One if my best pics I’ve took while spotting. She was in a perfect place and I got the perfect pic. My editing makes it look really nice imo. Very 🔥

Another shot

LH A359 arriving on 36R

Yeah, everyone was rlly disspointed that it didn’t arrive 36C like the special early flight did last week. I couldn’t get a great pic from my spotting location so It’s quite blurry. But isn’t she gorgeous. Really love that thing and LH says they will fly the new livery too. That will be super 🔥. I also live right under the short final mark for 36R so I will get to see A359s flying over my house most days cause 36R gets all the European flights most times.

Hope you guys enjoyed and btw, if u guys notice that I have been quite quiet recently, well, I’ve been pretty busy and I don’t think I will be as active as I used to be but I’ll be around a lot 😉

Which was your fav?

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Please do not use any of my phots without my permission. If I catch anyone who has used my photos without my permission there will most likely be unwanted consequences


Wow! N916NN looks absolutely stunning! :O

But she wasn’t the retro livery. That is the Reno Air Heritage Livery.
N921NN is the retro livery :)

You might’ve seen some extra Delta B717’s because I know Delta has been using 717’s to fly from JFK to Charlotte

Nice photos! Wish I could’ve gone and seen the A350

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Very nice! I’m a CLT based pilot. Give me a follow on IG @First_Officer_Register and DM when you’re spotting and I can see if I’m flying in/out of CLT while you’re there

I was off today and Wednesday so I missed both big days but I did get to see the Lufthansa A340 about a week or two ago

I can send you my pics from the parking deck. I took the bus in so i didn’t pay for parking.


Ohh nice pic. It was cool to see her over uptown. We could see a small little plane with a blue and yellow tail and everyone knew that was it.

A332 American Airlines A330-300s are equipped with PW engines not RollsRoyce. Thus making it a A330-200. Also the fuselage is shorter.

Great Photos dude! Hope to see more in the future.

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Those are, like very sharpened, otherwise they are great!

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Oh I didn’t even notice that lol. ( kinda rushed making this topic)

Us Airways always used the A333 for that route and I got used to that. Should have known better but…

@KPIT yeah that’s kind of my only issue when it comes to editing. I love detail and sharpening and I overdo it sometimes

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