Special request

Hi there guys and gals.

Was just wondering if one of you would love to help me out. Now this is a big ask…

Could someone kindly do a flight and possibly record it and send me it ?

If your up for the challenge it would be from EGLL/27R or 27L up to EGNT/25 in a a320

Just so I can see what settings and procedures you do. If you could add simbrief route if possible.

Thank you so so much in advance who ever wishes to take up this challenge.

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There’s many tutorials on the ins and outs of Infinite Flight on YouTube, from basic flying to ATC you can find it all there. Here is Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel you can check out: https://www.youtube.com/c/InfiniteFlight

As mentioned above, there’s tons of resources to help regarding flying & interacting with the UI. Scroll through the #ground-school category.

Here’s a link to the user guide as well User Guide.

Official IF YouTube has tutorials too if you want visual explanations/guidance https://youtube.com/c/InfiniteFlight.

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