Special Qantas 1$ Coin

To celebrate Qantas’ 100th birthday, Qantas and the Australian Government decided to make special 1$ AUS that can be used as a real coin throughout Australia.


Buy them here:

Leave your thoughts on this below 👇


This is awesome as I am a coin collector too.

@Qantas094 Wanna buy me one for Christmas? ;)

It look beautiful though not gonna lie


This is amazing! Love what Qantas Group is doing and truly carrying the Australian spirit.

Nope, I’m might consider getting one of these.


Even though it doesn’t till work in Canada :

I would one of these coins…hello from the United States

I’ve actually been looking to buy this ;)
Saw it on Qantas’ Instagram story. Kinda pricey though. I have a few other collectible coins from the Australian Mint.

There are 11 1$AUS coins, so you would think that it would cost 11$AU; but no, it costs 30$AUS 😂

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True, but it is unique - it has a different print, which takes time to manufacture parts to stamp at the Mint, and it has colour. Only 40,000 sets being produced.

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Yeah, it sure would be cool to have!

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