"Special Occasion" Prices


I have a question about the Live Subscription;

If I remember correctly, a few years ago, the devs lowered the price of the 1 year Live Subscribtion and made it one month longer for an upcoming Friday, the 13th. And I think they did it again on an anniversary.

I was just wondering, why the devs don’t do this anymore?
By the way, this was before Global Flight so maybe that’s why they don’t do it.

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I don’t know the reason, because I came to the forum after that, but hope to see it another time here in IF.

As much as I’d want something like this to happen again, it’s ultimately up to them

Ah, thanks, I was looking for that

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Yeah, I know, I was just asking why they don’t do these things anymore.

Maybe because Global flight, the live subscribtion, etc.

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I could definitely use it as I currently only have a budget that allows for me to subscribe by mouth a $60-$70 range would be a price I’d pay for a year of flight.

Well, I just wanted to know why they don’t do it anymore

Maybe they still do, and they just haven’t done it in forever.

lol, “in forever”. I just think it will be nice if we could get something like this as well. for example for 24th and 25th December there we will be a reduced price to 70 ot 60 euros.

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